You've learned the basics...

Want to learn advanced techniques to create masterpieces?

Creative scenery cards are works of Art

Learn advanced techniques with over two hours of Step by Step Project Video Instruction

YOU are the artist, not the stamps.  We will expand upon the foundation you learned in Brayer 101.  Learn how to stretch your artistic ability with specific techniques that you will use over and over to create stunning masterpieces.  I guarantee that you will be amazed by artistic talents you never knew you had!

Brayer 102 is by far one of the most popular live classes taught in the Studio.  Our students are amazed at how they can take their introductory brayer 101 foundation to the next level.  The projects created in this class will leave your friends and family speechless when you tell them you created them!  Here are all the class details:

  • Close up photos and project pages loaded with creative tips
  • Project supply lists and measurements on member only page
  • Over two hours of step by step video instruction
  • Lifetime 24/7 access to videos and class materials
  • Personal Instructor Access for questions and answers
  • Student Artwork Gallery for added inspiration

Get this self-paced online class today for 70% off the live studio taught price!

24/7 Access - only $29.95 

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Once you have paid for the class, you will be sent to a registration page for access to the class page and all materials as they are released.

P.S. - The advanced techniques you will learn in this self-paced online class will give you an artistic arsenal to create anything you wish!